Thursday, April 22, 2010

Spring has sprung... least I'm hoping it has.  I feel like I'm behind already! I decided to raize my garden for raised beds (I know, cute play on words! I'm developing my next youtube video around them!)  So there's been some work involved and I'm trying to plan and pant at the same time.  I got my lettuce, peas, & beans in a couple of weeks ago, they're coming up nicely now.
I thought I had bought some strawberries through the company I ordered seeds through, but They didn't come in and I didn't see them on the receipt.  So I went to Lowes and bought a bucket of strawberry plants, then a couple of days later my other starts came in.  So my strawberry patch has a few plants that are larger than the other starts.  I'll be interested to see which strawberries produce better and taste better....
Between the strawberries and Danni are the summer squash.  They forced my hand and made me plant them, if I had waited any longer they would have outgrown their containers.

These sad looking seedlings are a mix of tomato and peppers.  I'm hoping they hardy up here pretty soon.  It's amazing that these little scrawny seedlings can grow into a food producing plant!
The starts here are just Marigolds.  I want them edging all the beds.
Today I started cucumbers, broccoli, some herbs, and zucchini.  I think thats' why I'm feeling behind. 

I have to get the rest of my garden ready for them.We also added some peach trees to the family. 

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  1. Hey Kristen!

    I never thought about using bricks for my raised garden! I have a ton of old bricks that were salvaged from the old brick roads in Portland, ME. They are probably about a hundred years old, but still in relatively good shape. Thanks for the tip!! hehe!!

    Your gardens look great! I'm beginning to get mine together. I've planted tomatoes (big boys) and my Thyme. My chives and oregano are already up. I'm still way behind on everything else and hope to get more planted this weekend.

    Happy gardening!!