Saturday, July 10, 2010

Zucchini and cuke probs! HELP!

My summer crookneck squash is not doing too bad, I'm still having some mildew problems, but that happens when I get lazy about spraying the milk mixture on it.
From a distance my garden looks fine, green, big, busy....

But upon closer inspection it's clear that there are a few problems I need help dealing with.  First is the cucumber.  I get nice healthy great tasting fruits from it, but almost daily I have to cut off an entire vine that has wilted and died.

The big problem is my zucchini.  I found this yellowy rot at the roots.  It's everywhere!  I threw away a whole plant this morning.  I've been getting mammoth sized fruits from this plant daily, if I lose it I will cry!
My cantaloupe are doing fine, no problems there!
My peppers are also starting to spruce up a bit and flower.
I watched a TV cooking show where they went to pick the tomatoes from an organic gardener's place.  I got the idea to tie up my tomatoes from it.  The people on TV had a hot house and tied the plants up to support rods running across the ceiling.  I put up a couple of fencing posts and ran some of Bill's kevlar framing wire across and use old t0shirts to tie them up. 

It allows the branches of the plant to act as a natural cage.