Saturday, July 10, 2010

Zucchini and cuke probs! HELP!

My summer crookneck squash is not doing too bad, I'm still having some mildew problems, but that happens when I get lazy about spraying the milk mixture on it.
From a distance my garden looks fine, green, big, busy....

But upon closer inspection it's clear that there are a few problems I need help dealing with.  First is the cucumber.  I get nice healthy great tasting fruits from it, but almost daily I have to cut off an entire vine that has wilted and died.

The big problem is my zucchini.  I found this yellowy rot at the roots.  It's everywhere!  I threw away a whole plant this morning.  I've been getting mammoth sized fruits from this plant daily, if I lose it I will cry!
My cantaloupe are doing fine, no problems there!
My peppers are also starting to spruce up a bit and flower.
I watched a TV cooking show where they went to pick the tomatoes from an organic gardener's place.  I got the idea to tie up my tomatoes from it.  The people on TV had a hot house and tied the plants up to support rods running across the ceiling.  I put up a couple of fencing posts and ran some of Bill's kevlar framing wire across and use old t0shirts to tie them up. 

It allows the branches of the plant to act as a natural cage. 

Monday, June 14, 2010

Loving the rain!

This picture was taken on May 24th.  I remember clearly going out that evening to check on my garden and seeing this mildew on my squash plants and wanting to cry.  I was this close (If you could see my hand it is showing about an inch from my pointer to my thumb) to just calling it quits and not doing a garden.I went inside and did some research on the mildew.  Last year I tried to combat it with a water/baking soda mixture.  I wasn't real happy with the results.  I found a couple of people used a milk mixture and then I thought...duh! When my kids look like they have pink eye coming on I put a couple of drops in their eye, it's never progressed!  - This is real milk by he way, not that watered down skim or 2% crap!  So I made a milk water solution (1 part milk to 9 parts water) and sprayed them down right at dusk before the water starts condensating on the plants.  It worked like a dream!  Look at them now:  I did notice a few spots this morning, it's been very rainy lately, so I'll have to spray again tonight.  I sprayed about five times last time to get it gone.I just walked around snapping pictures of my grapes, raspberries, and blackberries.  I love the fruit!  Although all I'm eating right now are the straberries, you can look at the Inmanclan blog if you want to know why.I love my raised beds.  weeding is easier, watering is easier, and I think they look cool. 

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Frost free!

Last night we experienced temps as low as 32 (freezing) for the first time since March.  I did some research and found that beans are suseptable to mild freezes (oops! And that's an early plant?) and squash is at mild to moderate freezes.  I don't want to take chances, we will be living off this food soon!  So I covered them with some sheets. I also covered Bill's roses because buds are forming.
But what I wanted to share was what I did with my strawberries:
I don't remember where I learned this, I wish I did so I could give proper credit (or yell at them if it doesn't work:) but when the water freezes on the plants it actually formss a skin and the harm is not done.  It's when the sun first shines on them and the plant automitacally opens it's cells and then the ice gets in and causes damage.  I was told to get up before the sun and water them.  So I did.  The water washes off the ice crystals and then - an hour or so later when the sun hits the plants water will go into the cells instead of ice. 
This will probably work on all plants, and if we do have another dip in temps I might try it on all of them.  Upon inspection this morning all plants have seemed to weather it out well.  Although the sheet on the squash becamse heavy with the dew and they looked a little squooshed, but nothing broken.
What do you do to keep your plants alive through freezes?

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Spring has sprung... least I'm hoping it has.  I feel like I'm behind already! I decided to raize my garden for raised beds (I know, cute play on words! I'm developing my next youtube video around them!)  So there's been some work involved and I'm trying to plan and pant at the same time.  I got my lettuce, peas, & beans in a couple of weeks ago, they're coming up nicely now.
I thought I had bought some strawberries through the company I ordered seeds through, but They didn't come in and I didn't see them on the receipt.  So I went to Lowes and bought a bucket of strawberry plants, then a couple of days later my other starts came in.  So my strawberry patch has a few plants that are larger than the other starts.  I'll be interested to see which strawberries produce better and taste better....
Between the strawberries and Danni are the summer squash.  They forced my hand and made me plant them, if I had waited any longer they would have outgrown their containers.

These sad looking seedlings are a mix of tomato and peppers.  I'm hoping they hardy up here pretty soon.  It's amazing that these little scrawny seedlings can grow into a food producing plant!
The starts here are just Marigolds.  I want them edging all the beds.
Today I started cucumbers, broccoli, some herbs, and zucchini.  I think thats' why I'm feeling behind. 

I have to get the rest of my garden ready for them.We also added some peach trees to the family.