Friday, July 10, 2009

fruit is growing on most... help with my fruitless plants!!

Yes I actually have some squash growing now, but not as many as I had hoped for. I continue my cross-pollinating and it seems to be helping (See "what's Bugging Me' - bottom of post) I'm thinking about making an instructional video about it. This is a pumpkin. I had wound the plant through the drift wood and it ended up growing between two pieces of wood. I'm trying to figure out how to pull it out into a more open spot without doing damage to the rest of the vine.

Peppers galore!

The eggplants are doing well in spite of the jumping flea beetle. We have squished so many, maybe they're an endangered species now...The cucumber plant is needing some sort of restraint...any ideas?
I am enjoying the abundance of the plant!
The cantaloupes have been restrained after many lectures about leaving the peppers alone. We should have many of these dotting our fence soon. I will be doing an instructional vid on how to hang them once they get larger.Question #1: How long do I wait until I harvest the cabbage? I know it still has a ways to go. Also, once I remove the head, will another grow or is this a one time plant?Question #2: These Broccoli plants stand nearly 2.5 feet tall, but I don't see any fruit yet. How long before I see it?Question #3: This is actually the same as #2 but for my cauliflower, the two plants seem suspiciously alike....

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